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When you’re searching for a person or service to help out your business, probably you’re not going to willingly choose someone who’s ‘bad’ at their job – right?

There’s a lot more to choosing a service or individual than just qualifications and accolades.  Often, even the most experienced and trained people are just not a good fit with for your business.

So, how do you know the difference between a ‘good bookkeeper’ and a bad one?

The purpose of hiring a bookkeeper is to help you manage and organise your books. You want your bookkeeper to take control of those financial things you can’t handle or deal with on your own.

A good bookkeeper is one who:

Wants your accounts to balance. Good bookkeepers want to stay organised and thrive on accounts staying current and properly balanced. A good bookkeeper knows how important it is for your business that invoices are paid and the ledger is completely accurate.

Understands the responsibility they have to your business. As a business owner, you look for qualified individuals to add to your team – you want a seamless operation and a good bookkeeper is one who understands this and works hard to make sure customers pay you on time so you can spend more time focusing on the business than tracking down invoice payments.

Choosing a good bookkeeper. There’s a major difference between a bookkeeper who’s doing the minimum to balance your accounts and a good bookkeeper who truly understands the impact they have on your operations.

When you choose a Xero Bookkeeper in Adelaide you can be sure that AQ Bookkeeping will keep you and your financials updated at all time.

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